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Early-Season Lawn Care

Monday, Apr. 1st 2024

Your lawn appreciates your attention even in the cold Kansas City months before spring has sprung. Devoting time to a few easy tasks can help ensure that your lawn is ready to hit the ground running once it’s time for spring growth.

The biggest thing you can do for your Kansas City lawn in late winter is to give it a good once-over in terms of cleanup. Even after a thorough fall cleaning, sticks, leaves, and other debris are bound to accumulate over the winter. Removing these remnants of winter allows your turf maximum contact with air and sunshine, leading to a lively green-up.

Raking in particular helps matted-down turf loosen up and stand upright, priming it for new growth. Raking also helps remove any turf blades that may have been damaged over the winter, clearing the way for new, healthy turf to take its place.

Finally, late winter in Kansas City is a good time to test the pH level of your turf’s soil. As soil’s nutrients are used up, it sometimes becomes acidic. While turf prefers slightly acidic soil, a dramatic drop in pH can make it difficult for grass to thrive. If this is the case, adding lime can help boost the pH level, reducing acidity.

A little TLC early on paves the way for a gorgeous and healthy year in Kansas City to come. 

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