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Lawn Care on Warm Day in Winter

Friday, Dec. 1st 2023

What can I do on this nice winter day?

In the Kansas City area, you never know when you might get a nice, warm winter day to tidy things up around the lawn.   When it comes to maintaining a healthy, vibrant landscape to enjoy the four seasons long, there are plenty of things you can do to stay the envy of your neighborhood and maintain that healthy looking landscape.

When the sun comes out and the snow begins to melt, there are many things we can do around our Kansas City lawns.  Listed are some things you can do to pass some time, enjoy the mild winter day, and keep your lawn and landscape in top condition. 

Dormant Pruning

  • Prune your shrubs for both structure, and health of the plant.  Eliminating unwanted growth can help encourage healthy air flow, help the overall appearance of the plant, and provide avenues for newer, healthier growth to flourish.

Clear Frozen Drains

  • Most landscapes have some sort of drainage outlet in the yard somewhere.  Whether it be the ends of your buried downspouts, or the end of a french drain or sump line, clearing out the ice and caught up debris can help prevent unnecessary water back-up where its not wanted.  

Twigs and Tree Debris

  • You can never pick up enough debris around the yard, especially if you have large Kansas City trees such as locust, black gum, or oaks.  They are always dropping something on the lawn from old deadwood and twigs, to old seed pods, cones and leaves.  Keeping the lawn free of debris will help maintain a fresh, clean look over the winter.

Wash Hard Surfaces

  • Ice melts from the winter leave unwanted residue from the salts they are comprised of.  Why not take advantage of the mild day to wash off any unwanted residue?  This can help with the longevity of the concrete, paver, or wood surface you may have applied ice melt on throughout the winter.

Clean Your Gutters

  • There are always leaves left in the gutters.  Seems like there are never enough!  Take advantage of the day and clean out any gutters you see that may have some overflowing leaves, twigs, or other debris that have gathered over the winter.


Are all those recommendations complete?  Then enjoy the rest of the day!  Chances are here in Kansas City, snow and frigid temperatures could be just a few hours away. 


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