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Springtime In Your Kansas City Lawn

Friday, Mar. 3rd 2017

If you are tired of looking at all the grey and brown that our Kansas City winters bring?  Don’t worry, spring is just around the corner!  In fact, we are already showing signs of spring in our Kansas City lawns and landscapes!  So, let’s get out and get to working!

Nothing feels better than the first warm day in Kansas City to get out and work in the lawn.  The sunshine beating down on you, the fresh smells of budding trees and flowers coming to life, birds singing in the trees.  What better time in Kansas City to get out and enjoy life!

Many things can be done during the Kansas City springtime on nice spring days.  Things that can be done can include,

  • Putting the first cut on your lawn.  Most lawns can be cut at 2 inches, removing dead and promoting new growth underneath.
  • Pull off the dead from your perennials such as daylily and hosta.  Unearth the beauty that is about to come!
  • Cut back any ornamental grasses that were left over the winter.
  • Pull any old flowers and freshen up the flower space with some pine bark mulch or other organic material.  Get these areas prepped and ready for new flowers. 
  • Clean out the leaves from your landscape, from under the deck, and blow off the patios.
  • Grab a ladder if you can safely reach your gutters and clean out any old debris from the fall and winter.
  • Put down your first fertilization and pre-emergent weed control on your lawn and in your landscaping. 
  • Give your lawn and landscape a good soaking of water.  Your Kansas City lawn is thirsty this time of year!
  • Apply a nice new layer of mulch to your landscape beds and trees. 

There are many other do-it-yourself projects that you can do in your Kansas City lawn and landscape, but these will get you on the way to beautiful lawn and landscape, making you the envy of your neighborhood!   It is also a great time for larger projects such as new landscaping, outdoor living areas, even a new sprinkler system.  So if you are a Kansas City do-it-yourself kind of person, get to work!  If you need help, call a company such as ours to help you.  That is what we are here for!  Enjoy the spring!

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