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Watering During the Winter Months

Tuesday, Feb. 14th 2017

The last couple of winters in Kansas City have proven to be dry to say the least.  In Kansas City you never know if it will rain, snow, ice, or worse yet, do nothing all.  There is a big misconception out there that if the lawn is brown, or a plant doesn’t have any leaves, it must not need any water.  Well, Kansas City, that can’t be any further from the truth!

Even when our lawn and plant material is in a dormant state, they require water to survive.  While they do not need as much water during a Kansas City winter, they do need some.  Typically, we can rely on Mother Nature to help us out with a bounty of snow, but as of late, she isn’t giving us much help!  

To make sure your Kansas City landscape is protected, make sure your lawn and plants get water at least 1 to 2 times per month.  How much water you may ask?  Enough to give it a good soaking.  Soak you plants and trees with a slow flow until you can easily push a pen or screw driver down into the soil.  As far as the lawn goes, soak each area with a standard sprinkler for around ten to twenty minutes per area, or enough to soak in the water a good six to eight inches.  While it can be cumbersome to get out the hose during a Kansas City winter, if we haven’t had any snow or rain, a good soaking on the occasional warmer day above thirty-two degrees can do the trick. 

Our landscaping is an investment, so make sure and protect this investment with proper watering techniques in Kansas City!


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